Brevard County Criminal Appeal and Postconviction Lawyer

Florida Criminal Appeal and Postconviction Attorney

The criminal process in Florida does not stop after you are convicted and sentenced.  Rather you can obtain much needed relief through what is called the criminal appeal process.  Relief could mean an acquittal, a new trial, or a lesser sentence.

Statewide Representation

McLain Law is centrally located in Maitland, Florida and capable of handling criminal appeal and postconviction matters across the State of Florida.  This includes matters in Brevard County.

Multiple avenues can be pursued through the criminal appeal process:

We understand that every situation is different and that there is no one size fits all solution.  This is why we take the time to understand your case, circumstances, and goals.  We use our drive, knowledge, and experience to formulate and implement a customized criminal appeal strategy

McLain Law offers a free consultation which includes a case review by Matthew McLain. During the free consultation, McLain will answer all questions and concerns and propose a criminal appeal strategy that fits your circumstances and goals. Contact us now.

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